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Redirecting user to Outlook when submitting a Nint...

Hi I have searched the net for java script that would redirect the user to Outlook on the Save and Cancel buttons but have had no joy. A Nint...

  • By voicer
  • May 16, 2018  20:02
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Invoke-command NWAdmin.exe -o detachdatabase error...

I'm trying to give my SQL server administrators the ability to detach and attach a database through a powershell script. Since they do the backup...

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lazy approval O365 guide

Where is the Lazy Approval Guide for O365?

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Convert a Decimal to a Hexadecimal

I have an ask from a user to calculate the Hexadecimal value using a decimal field. I'm not even sure where the start. the HEX2DEX command doe...

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Nintex Forms Tabs With Same Controls

Hello, I have a Nintex Form with Tabs. On the Tabs, some of the controls can repeat on each of the Tabs. For example First Name and Last Na...

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Validation on field with multiple rules

I am having trouble with a Validation on fields. I currently have fields that require multiple situations to apply. I cannot get the formula to w...

  • By kalsup
  • May 16, 2018  10:59
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Delete All Attachments Before Submit on Nintex For...

I came across a situation where I needed to conditionally hide the attachments field. However, if someone had added attachments, and then decided...

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Embed Nintex External form into a public website a...

I'm creating Nintex forms and publishing them to the external platform/live with anonymous access. We need to embed the form into a public websit...

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Web Service Action in For each loop

Hello everyone, as you can see in the screenshot. I split a multiuser field from a SharePoint List and save it into a collection variable. The...

  • By aoezer
  • May 16, 2018  05:46
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Forms generating (unwanted) duplicate records in t...

Hi, hoping someone can help. After a little investigation, it appears that when a form is submitted a second new entry into the SharePoint table...

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Problem with State Machine Erroring

Hello, I've seen that problems regarding state machines are very common however I can't find a resolution to prevent my workflow from erroring w...

  • By smawer
  • May 16, 2018  01:04
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why do my controls jum around when i apply rules

Hi All, I have a choice field with check boxes with multiple selection, but when i select multiple, my controls jump around. I have written rule...

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