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Looping Workflow

Good day, I have a workflow that has a flex task in it. Once the user completes the task they will get a notification and the workflow should ...

  • By patjd
  • July 12, 2018  15:13
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Can we use the Rich Text/HTML editor for a custom ...

We are considering building another custom workflow action and need the same HTML editor that is part of the Send notification action. Does anyo...

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Workflow Build Question

We are having some issues with one of our SharePoint sites getting hung up (Showing "Working on it..." when you try to access the site) and we ar...

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XML Issue in Web Service Call Action

Hello - I have been struggling with the web service call to webpartpages.asmx web service and calling "AddWebPart" method with the following simp...

  • By iza
  • July 12, 2018  06:05
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Last Value of a Collection Variable

Hi, I have a collection variable, and need to get the last value of collection Variable in nintex Workflow. My Collegues have used for loop an...

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Validation of minimum files according to an condit...

I want to check for users who want permission for BI if they are attaching files. How can I check just for who tick "V" on the options for "BI" ...

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Select all without button click list lookup after ...

Good day! So I am having trouble using lookup function for the calculated value so I decided to try and select all the items in my listlookup ...

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Not able to capture approver comments during LazyA...

hi All, I am using nintex 2016 on premise. Developed a nintex lazy approval process with the following config.(i.e. Lazy Approval checked) ...

  • By oonk
  • July 11, 2018  20:58
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Anyone Set up Lazy Approval using GroupWise Email ...

Anyone have any experience working with GroupWise Email. I am not very familiar with it and I have told the organization GroupWise contact what i...

  • By bstori
  • July 11, 2018  17:18
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Query list in nintex workflow

I have to set a variable with the content of person or group field using a lookup list where the condition is with other numeric field of this li...

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Workflow Management Application Pool

Has anyone had an issue with the IIS Workflow Application Pool freezing or locking up causing a site to not load when the site utilizes a lot of ...

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Do I need to stop Nintex workflows that are in pro...

I am planning to move a SharePoint Site from a content database that contains several sites into a content database that will contain only the on...

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