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LDAPS and Nintex Workflow actions

Hi, I need to use nintex AD action over LDAPS and action does not allow me to specify LDAPS:// in LDAP Path. Does Nintex support LDAPS ? Is...

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Task Completed but Internal outcome is still pendi...

I have couple of workflows in two different environments where: One contains few "Request data" tasks (On SP 2010) and the other has all sorts...

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Scheduling Workflows

I am wondering why my task that's assigned a workflow schedule gets duplicated and a new item will appear with the name "You have a new task" und...

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Copy Folder and Files Inside Folder

Hello, I want to copy folder and files inside folders from one document library to another document library in same site.I used both of the Vad...

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Update infopath form after Nintex Review/Flexi ta...

Environment: SharePoint Enterprise 2010 InfoPath web browser form Nintex Workflow I have a form that when users are inputting the data into ...

  • By kdorn
  • July 03, 2018  06:30
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How do I withdraw a task from a user's task li...

I am currently replicating (as much as possible) several complex workflows created in Tibco iProcess to Nintex workflows. In Tibco it is possibl...

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Cannot write on Nintex Form Field

Nintex Form Single line of text field is disabled. We are not able to write on the field upon checking the field is enable. Please help. TIA!

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detect autocomplte in peoplePicker

I want to listen to choosing a person at the peoplePicker - in order to start the form only after he has written his name. How can I do it?

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Converting my Nintex Classic Form to Responsive, u...

Hi, Below are the codes I'm using based on the topic I found. /* Add PeoplePickerApi to NF */ /* (function() { NF.PeoplePickerApi = (func...

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RegEx - global and case-sensitive modifiers

Can anyone tell me how I should correctly specify the g and i flags? The actual recommendation value is a sentence and if any one those words ...

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Time Zone in Outlook Meeting Request

I have built a workflow that builds an outlook meeting request and sends via attachment, and all works well for the most part. Except when people...

  • By rogerb
  • July 02, 2018  09:46
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Disable Choice Field Drop Down Values from being s...

I have a bunch of independent Choice Fields. Users are required to select an option that is respective of the status of the request...'New', 'In...

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