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Workflow Reminder

We want to create a site Workflow reminder for a Document Library. The Library has a column whith a "due date". We need a workflow which sends an...

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Can't see Rules built for flexi task form

I have built rules in a task form embedded in Flexi Task action in a Workflow a few monthes ago. But now I can't see the rules when in Task Form ...

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Best way to create a variable for Today's Date...

What is the best way to create a variable for Today's date and NOT have the time? This seems like it should be so simple but in Nintex O365 this ...

  • By casey
  • November 09, 2018  17:20
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Multiple line of text with links are non-clickable...

I've a form/workflow where I collect attachments on different stages through the workflow. I compile them into a mutliple line of text fields and...

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Controls, Panels, and Repeating Sections Rendering...

Hi Folks, I have forms with multiple panels or repeating sections that render based on rules. When they render as the rules are triggered, the...

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Ask a Question Form Not Rendering in Internet Expl...

Hi Folks, When using this forum, I have been having an issue with the controls rendering. I have no issues if I try it in Chrome but IE11 seem...

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Users can't publish workflows even with full c...

Users are unable to publish workflows. They can create and save them, but when going to publish them they are either getting an error message say...

  • By aak1
  • November 09, 2018  11:01
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Remove item properties in FlexiTask Form

Hi, I'd like to remove the item properties and the double buttons on the flexi task form for deny or approve. I already made a new view with ...

  • By mvahsen
  • November 09, 2018  01:53
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How do you prevent a workflow from running on item...

I set up a workflow in a document library configured to start immediately when a new item is created. I noticed that when I created a folder in t...

  • By spdy
  • November 08, 2018  19:23
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How to trigger javascript function when Managed Me...

I have a Managed Metadata (MM) form field and a single line text form field (TXT) on a Nintex form (using version Goal: When the ...

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Nintex for Project Server 2016/Online

Hi One of our customer is using Project server 2013 with Nintex for its workflow The next year, they want to upgrade project server to 2016 (201...

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Attachment control not resizing the filename withi...

I have a problem with attachment control resizing property. Some filenames in my forms get too lengthy and attachment controls are placed inside ...

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