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Copy list item from subsite list to top site list

Hello. I've been trying to copy a list item from a subsite to a top site list without any progress. For example, when employee ID is entered or ...

  • By gdolit
  • July 25, 2018  08:33
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Nintex Workflow Error (The workflow could not upda...

It's working fine when "Request for Approval" is approved, but when it is declined getting error " The workflow could not update the item, poss...

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Adding attachment control to a Flexi Task form?

I have seen a number of posts on the Nintex forum referencing attachments on a Flexi Task. I can see how to add attachments to a Request Data ...

  • By stempb
  • July 25, 2018  08:17
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Using an Action to switch views on an InfoPath for...

I have two views on an InfoPath form, Design and IQ. Once the Design has approved I have a Form Load rule which switches to the IQ view. However ...

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How do you delete a Nintex Workflow History list?

I understand how to purge items in a workflow history list, and also disable the list. Can someone please help me how to delete the actual histo...

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Choice field outcome fails to validate other choic...

I have created a form which contains two choice fields (Type melding is A, Categorie is B) presented as radio buttons. Field A has 5 options (1=A...

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Start a workflow based on Conditional Branch in an...

How can I get a workflow to kick-off when TodaysDate equals a date set in another list? It won't work if I make the workflow "Start when item...

  • By casey
  • July 24, 2018  14:59
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Check the day for Saturday, Sunday and holidays to...

I have a scenario where I had configured task reminder action in Nintex workflow to send out three reminders to the users. I tried checking the o...

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How can I determine the number of dropdown choices...

I have a SQL Request control that returns a set of terms. How can I display a single textbox or calculated control showing the number of returned...

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Nintex Form, Checkbox (Multiple-Selection), is the...

Nintex Form, Checkbox (Multiple-Selection), is there any way to resize control height using jquery or CSS? I have tried with below css on panel ...

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remove user from active directory group

I try to remove user from active directory but workflow get error "Failed to remove user from AD group. The server is unwilling to process the re...

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Adding values to control inside the repeater.

Hi all, In my repeater section i have 5 controls as shown below. Activity and audit column are look up fields. i have one web part as show...

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