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Move items to archive list, after date on item is ...

Hello, I'm new here to Nintex and have searched several other posts that are similar to what I am looking for, but can't get my workflow to exec...

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Site workflow - List Items limit

Hi, I am planning to create site work flow for one of my list which contains 30K items (Thrity thousand) , this work flow will be set item level ...

  • By kalpesh
  • April 05, 2019  07:14
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repeat action on a button multiple times

Help please, How to make a button repeat a function multiple times. Users want to be bale to click on add another database button mutiple times. Curr...

  • By Arianeb
  • April 05, 2019  06:47
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Update DocSet Property using O365 update action

There is a list L in site collection A and a workflow on this list L. There is another site collection B with Document Library containing Doc-Sets an...

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Convert a birthdate to age in Workflow

Hello, I am having a little trouble trying to figure this one out. I have a site workflow that I need to cycle through all list items (in a particul...

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Mobile: Successful Send Confirmation

I've noticed there is a topic about a successful Form Sent message to the user on User Voice. I'm not seeing that functionality when our users su...

  • By janp
  • April 04, 2019  09:26
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Notification not including all comments

I have notification workflows created to send a notification with multilined comments fields with append text enabled. When executing the notificatio...

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Update a field based on the selected value in a dr...

Right, I have the following code, which I like to .change when the dropdown is == Recipient How do I filter the var CollectedBy based on the sel...

  • By bimi82
  • April 04, 2019  07:13
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Long list of choices... How can I divide them on a...

I have a SharePoint Multi-select Choice field which has about 30 options. The options fall into 3 categories A, B, C. For ease of use I would like ...

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How to autopopulate a number for purchase orders?

Hello, I am looking to autopopulate a new number everytime a new order form is submitted? How do I accomplish this? I am new to Nintex.

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Nintex Forms RegEx Checking for Single Character

Hello, I'd like to check for only an "@" symbol in Nintex Forms for a text field. This is for email address, and I'd only like to check to make s...

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Using an InfoPath form for more then one task

Hi, I couldn´t find a topic for my issue. I have a workflow with multiple flexi-tasks with the same outcomes (Approve and Reject). I made th...

  • By CoKle
  • April 04, 2019  06:14
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