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How to monitor workflows that has been suspended o...

Hi, Is there a way i can monitor if the workflow failed to run either terminated or suspended. Because i can't click all the entries and manua...

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Form Versioning Best Practices?

Background There's a custom SharePoint list with management of content types enabled, and a Nintex form created for one of the content types. Ov...

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Multiple Forms - Single List

I have a "project request" form for my users to enter their basic request info. This particular form opens for adding new items to the list. Whe...

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Managed Metadata issue with workflows

Hello everyone, Got another sticky question that I'm hoping I can get an answer for. I'm trying to create list items from a workflow, and the ...

  • By tjulian
  • November 14, 2018  11:31
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How to see when task will be escalated?

How can I tell when a particular task one flexitask task will be escalated? Yeah I know I can look at the workflow setting but what about when ...

  • By stempb
  • November 14, 2018  11:26
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How to use a variable for multi-Branches with out ...

I have a workflow that has three branches, which will have more. In each of the branches I keep asking for the same information example LastName...

  • By drcoz
  • November 14, 2018  10:54
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Make a box mandatory if either one of the two cond...

A multi-outcome task form has 3 choices in the decision box, A,B,C. One rule is to make a box mandatory if B is selected in decision box. ...

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Filter Query Action on choice column

Hi, we have two lists where there is a Model Run ref column and the Data Input field as a choice column (not multiple choice) in the source list...

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Hide based on different Y/N selections

Hello, I'm building a form where I'd like to hide panels based on 2 different selections. If one Y/N function is selected, then I want the panels...

  • By janeya
  • November 14, 2018  00:50
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One Email Based on Choice From Repeating Section D...

Hi, I am able to get child items from parent list where i have a repeating section following: Repeating section as html table in mail . I am al...

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You can only publish docs in minor version enabled...

I'm running into an issue where I can not publish any Nintex form. I've tried creating new libraries and run into the same error. I've turned ver...

  • By kheup
  • November 13, 2018  06:22
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Any way of getting approvers at Workflow Execution...

Hi, This seems like a pretty simple question..but couldn't find anywhere else. Is there any way of getting approvers for a FlexiTask (or any ...

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