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How to adjust Approve/Reject page SHP 2013

Hi, I'm not sure if it should be on this thread, by I think it's connected with Nintex. How do I adjust the Approve/Reject page? I've been lo...

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Demand Management subworkflow

Hello everyone, I'm modidfying a worklfow on our Project server environment but when I tried to publish it, I get the wonderfull error message:...

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Count choice values in repeating section

Hi all, I want to be able to return a count of how many times a certian choice has been selected in a repeating section. There is a choice field wh...

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Create hyperlink through SharePoint column in Shar...

Can anyone suggest me how to create a hyperlink through SharePoint column.This hyperlink will be the document url attached in the task list. I want t...

  • By vpande
  • June 17, 2019  02:14
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Add a number from one list to column from another ...

I have a SharePoint list that keeps track of late and incorrect reports submitted by vendors. Every time a report is late or incorrect, a user add an...

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How can I Use Inline CSS Styles with XSLT?

Hi Folks, I just produced a use case for a project we are working on with @mlauer 's excelent Repeating section as html table in mail post. My o...

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Filter a list lookup based on dates

I'm hoping someone can point me in a good direction here. I have a form that is essentially a rollup of another list (which happens to be a nintex f...

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Break out of a workflow loop while a pause is unde...

I am using Nintex 2013 workflow with SharePoint 2013 on premise. Reference the attached workflow: An employee submits a request for payment. ...

  • By Nanehi
  • June 14, 2019  10:13
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Cancel form after it has been submitted

I really need help, I'm trying to add a Cancel link/button to my form to end all workflows except the current one after the form has been submitted a...

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List lookup limited by two chosen variants in Nint...

Hi everyone :) Currently I'm working on the SharePoint site application thah is going to be used in training center within my organization. ...

  • By ArturB
  • June 14, 2019  04:54
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Nintex Workflow Flexitask based on selection

I have a SharePoint List form that depending on the selection of a dropdown (which could potentially have values added) which SharePoint Group would ...

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Call web Service - Failed to invoke web service

We have workflow running on a document library in SP 2013. Most of the time workflow executes fine. However, once in a while we get an error in...

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