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Error: "Someone else has the workbook checked...

We have an intermittent error where a workflow attempts to edit an existing Excel workbook using excelservice.asmx OpenWorkbookForEditing. The error ...

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Autopopulate fields from a drop down list

I am new to Nintex. I have a SharePoint list with 4 different columns. On my Nintex form I have drop downs from that SharePoint list, Category &am...

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Not able to stop save button saving the form using...

Hi I want to put some custom validation and seems like I doesn't work like it suppose to. I have used the same command for on-prem and this worked ...

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Set people picker colum to sharepoint permission g...

Hi All, I am trying to update the people picker column with sharepoint permission group, and send email to that group using the updated column. but ...

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Is there a way to show that a task is being worked...

I have a simple workflow where a user puts in a request to the responders group that can handle it. (The group currently has 5 members.) Any member...

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approving a request based on type of leave

I have a leave request form where the request must be sent to manager for approval based on type of leave. For example annual leave must be approved ...

  • By FatmaQ
  • May 01, 2019  05:44
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Send Email Action delay after the email is sent an...

Hello! I have a strange issue. I had noticed some slow downs in the speed of worklfows on my farm. I thought it was just the audit table getting ...

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Nintex Variables in XML

Hello, how can I insert a Nintex variable in a XML-declaration (Web service) e.q. <t:Subject>{WorkflowVariable:subject}</t:Subject> ? ...

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Save and Print to PDF

in the new item submition, i hide the top banner , the user is not able to see the Print to PDF button. can use the Save button to do both jobs, to ...

  • By cabeza
  • May 01, 2019  01:41
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Sum Single Field in a Repeating Section

I'm using a slightly older version of SharePoint on prem, and I'm trying to adapt a previous solution I found on this site to suit a business require...

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How can I tell if a SharePoint group is empty? Is ...

How can I tell if a SharePoint group is empty? Is this possible using out of the box actions? I have a flexi task that I am assiging a group to, ...

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SharePoint Nintext NewForm Custom Javascript Requi...

Hello - New to nintex and javascript. I have a SharePoint custom list with a nintex NewForm including custom javascript (and HTML, CSS) and I need t...

  • By rdpDen
  • April 30, 2019  12:45
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