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List or Document library?

My client has Nintex WF 2013. I have a process that would require the initiator to fill in some fields (people picker, drop down attributes) that wil...

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Copy Repeating Section from one list to another wi...

I need to copy a list from the parent site to a child site. I can copy everything fine except the repeating section. The repeating section contains...

  • By lcha
  • June 19, 2019  11:32
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Nintex forms - panel + people

Greetings, I have a problem. Please excuse my English first, it's not my native language. We use Sharepoint on-premise 2016 and Nintex Forms for ...

  • By Seraf
  • June 19, 2019  01:27
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Workflow Status Link in Quick Edit

Hi there, SInce we updated our farm to SP2016 users reported that they can't click on the Workflow Status Hyperlink (The Columns added by Nintex it...

  • By se041
  • June 19, 2019  00:59
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setTimeout() doesn't call function after speci...

I am trying to display a message on form submission after user saves an SP2013 list item. Here's the custom JS in Form settings: function MyButto...

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Start Site Workflow using webservice and javascrip...

I know there are quite a bit of similar posts on this topic. But none of the solutiouns seem to work for me. There is one that's very close located h...

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Delete list item from root site based on the same ...

Hi, I am saving all the list items from a list(ex:List B) which is present in the subsite to a list(ex:List A) which is in the root site. whe...

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Removal of the Workflow Task Notification

I have created a Nintex workflow that has an action - Start a task process which sends out an approval / rejection request. The workflow or Sh...

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Nintex Classic Form Hyperlink Control doesn't ...

I'm having difficult with the display of a Hyperlink control on a form during Display Mode. Specifically, it doesn't appear to resize at runtime de...

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Workflow Tasks list "Title" column

I've seen many posts dancing around this issue but none that directly address it--so I'm submitting a post of my own. I have a list workflow that ...

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How to adjust Approve/Reject page SHP 2013

Hi, I'm not sure if it should be on this thread, by I think it's connected with Nintex. How do I adjust the Approve/Reject page? I've been lo...

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Demand Management subworkflow

Hello everyone, I'm modidfying a worklfow on our Project server environment but when I tried to publish it, I get the wonderfull error message:...

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