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Direct user back to source URL when clicking '...

Hi, I'm a new user to Nintex for SharePoint so please bear with me. I've added a 'New Request' button to my page. When the user clicks the bu...

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Assign tasks to multiple users on multiple list it...

I have a manager that has several tasks that need to go out to his team throughout the year. He has annual, semi-annual, quarterly and 5yr tasks. He ...

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Validation rule to hide panel when current month i...

Hi all, I'm looking to create a rule to hide a panel when the current month is not equal to September through December. I tried calculating...

  • By yvette
  • April 24, 2019  07:05
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Connection between workflow and infopath web part ...

Hi guys, I am looking for a solution for like 3 hours, so I hope you can help me.... My Problem I have already finished the workflow wit...

  • By CoKle
  • April 24, 2019  06:32
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Queried Images to Display in Word Document

I am on SharePoint 2016 and Nintex 2013. Requirement: The team wants a Microsoft Word document that allows spellcheck and other formatting option...

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Create JIRA issue using Sharepoint Nintex Workflow...

I want to create JIRA Issue using Nintex Workflow. There is a posting on this community that provides example for using JIRA SOAP API but I can't ...

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Nintex Forms lookup functions

I have been using Nintex Responsive forms for a while now and have used the Look up functions on various forms. For some reason I am not able to ...

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How do I limit the number of lines in a multi line...

Is there a way to set a limit on the number of lines that can be entered on a Multiline textbox? I know I can set the resize at runtime to No, but t...

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Hiding and showing fields in a form

Hello, I have a leave request form that has a tick box needs to be ticked when employee require flight tickets. I need to add a field that is only ...

  • By FatmaQ
  • April 23, 2019  04:52
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Escalation set up

Hello, I need to set up escalation (let's say from approver to substitute). But in approval matrix, not all aprrovers has their own substitute. S...

  • By kyon84
  • April 23, 2019  00:28
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Performance issue with Scheduled Workflows

Hello This is my first post, I've seen there is quite a lot of info in general but I'd like to have a fresh opinion. We're on Sharepoint 2013,...

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How to add Request Data Attachment to my current I...

A bit of background... I have a list where one person enters an new item (Request), which I have in a content type called "Request", and another pers...

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