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Set Date Field to Date when Form is Submitted

I feel like this should be so easy!! I must be missing something... I have a "Date of Report" field on my Nintex Form. I want that field to aut...

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Calculated Value

Hi, I am new to Nintex and I have searched this forum but seem to be missing how to do something I would think is very simple. Scenari...

  • By dfox
  • August 15, 2019  12:22
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Approval History when Migrating to O365

How can I preserve Nintex workflow approval history when migrating local sharepoint nintex workflows to SharePoint Online in Office 365. It is impo...

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Nintex Workflow Versions

We are getting ready to upgrade Sharepoint to 2019. I have exported/imported the workflows from out 2013 site. Then we had to delete the list and rec...

  • By tast
  • August 15, 2019  08:37
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Sharepoint Approval Workflow - Assigned to and del...

I'm creating a SharePoint approval workflow and I want to create a variable called "AssignedTo" which will be able to show other users who is the nex...

  • By johns
  • August 15, 2019  08:36
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How have you handled large Sql queries

I have a sql control that is performing a query against a list of about 28,000 possible entries. Essentially it is a list of names inside our databa...

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Losing horizontal and vertical scroll bar when app...

Hi everyone, i am exeprincing very weird issue today, i have lost the scroll bar when i go to manage nintex WF and form, after spending hours i fin...

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Site workflow schedule - Workdays only throwing er...

Trying to schedule a site workflow using the Workdays Only option. With this option checked, the scheduled workflow runs if the Schedule End is set a...

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Can You Cancel a Pending Workflow Task?

Hi Folks, I have a number of forms that have a cancellation panel on them where a person can cancel the request. Up to now, I have accomplished thi...

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Instructions for Nintex Sign On-Prem

I've started a 30 day trial for Nintex Sign for On-Prem and for the life of me, I cannot find any instructions on how to get it setup. Is there an i...

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Issue Updating Form Controls with JavaScript

Hi Folks, I have JS code that should change some control values when a user wanted to cancel the supply request. User should put in some comments a...

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Do Calculation on Modified plus 1 year

I'm doing a Nintex Workflow on a SharePoint Document library where I would like an email to be triggered on modified plus 1 year. I'm not 100% ...

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