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send variable by email from reusable workflow by r...

1) create reusable workflow with 2 steps set variable ' A ' type text with value 'Hi, This is email from retention policy WF' send a variable...

  • By rrrr
  • January 12, 2020  05:59
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Edit attachment on a rejected form

I have a workflow form that got rejected because file attachment was incorrect. The requestor wants to open that rejected workflow and reattach a cor...

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Easy Workflow - Setting a field value from an exis...

I need to set a text value based on another field for approximately 2000 documents in a library which all have folders on folders on folders. I don...

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Form Ribbon Greyed Out but Still Clickable

I have a form where the ribbon is greyed out, but all the items are still editable. The only other posting I've seen reference this didn't have a so...

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Multiple Flexi Task outcomes need to go to the sam...

My workflow has three possible outcomes: reject, approve, and not applicable, as shown in the image. If the first level approver choose...

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Validation rules do not work on controls

Ok I hope someone can help me out on this one. I'm attempting to use validation rules on a handful of controls. No matte what I do, the validation ...

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Scheduled workflows canceled by System Account, er...

I took over as admin of my department's SharePoint 2016 site at the beginning of the year. I edited a site workflow to add a few more individuals to ...

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Replace a String of Characters between a Start and...

Hello! I'm looking to replace a random string back to blank for use in a repeating section. For example I need this.. <SubTaskComments ty...

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AutoComplete Dropdown for nintex responsive forms

Hi everybody, I do have a responsive nintex form which i want to extend with a AutoComplete Dropdown functionality. I only found j...

  • By Babus
  • January 09, 2020  05:26
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Input string was not in a correct format in Nintex...

In Nintex Forms with SharePoint 2016 we have some existing workflows. When we goto the Cotrol Setting its showing us " Input string was not in a cor...

  • By Taha
  • January 09, 2020  04:36
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Conditional Branch not showing any data

I'm new to nintex, I trying to edit Condition in a conditional branch in a workflow, when I'm trying to edit there is no old condition is showing (pl...

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Error trying to embed Nintex 2016 Form using ifram...

I have been trying to embed a Nintex 2016 Form in an iframe on a non-SharePoint web-page and receiving the following error in console. Uncaught DOM...

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