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Send Outlook Emails from SharePoint list (filters)...

Unfortunately I was not able to find anything similar to this one and our company doesn’t have PowerApps configured so trying it from a Nintex perspe...

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Copy field value from one list to another list

Hi All, I have parent and child list, in both lists, the column/field is lookup field only. whenever an item is updated in parent list, i have ...

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Flexi Task and Request Review

I have a flexi task with multiple outcomes (Approve, Reject and Request Review). Is there any way that in case I selected Request Review, to keep the...

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How to Auto Populate Text Box controls with Look U...

Hi All, I am new to Nintex . We designed a SharePoint list and we are planning to use Nintex Form as UI for this list. User Selects one of the value ...

  • By anilk
  • January 28, 2020  15:05
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Calculated value on list lookup drop down not rese...

Hello, I need some assistance resetting my calculated value based on a list lookup drop down. I have a reference list with the lookup values (...

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Create Site workflow action broken if Site Owner i...

The Create Site action (SharePoint on-premise 2016) will work if permissions are inherited from the parent site, but I am unable to even save the wor...

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Auto fill a choice box if induvial creating ticket...

I would like a choice box to auto populate if the induvial creating the intake is a selection in the choice box. Example, choice contains A, B, and ...

  • By JW
  • January 28, 2020  10:39
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Web Request to a localhost

Hey so I am trying to call an API I have created that is running on my localhost however whenever I try to connect I am just recieving a "Cannot co...

  • By khorton
  • January 28, 2020  09:57
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Nintex Form: Data in these controls will not be sa...

When publishing a form it warns me, " Warning: Data in these controls will not be saved to a field." And "Control 'CPIStatus' is connected to field ...

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Set focus on Choice field after updating multiple ...

I have a form with a Choice field. 2 location choices are available. When 1 is selected i populate a set of People fields with specific SP groups. Th...

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Nintex Form Classic: CSS to make it look responsi...

I'd like to apply styling to Classic Form to make it look more like the response design. Has anyone does this before and be willing to share their cs...

  • By tmfitz
  • January 28, 2020  08:30
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New Responsive Designer Date Control

The date control created in the New Responsive Designer doesn't allow the user to type in a date, they can only use the calendar control. We have a f...

  • By AnneC
  • January 28, 2020  08:02
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