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Issue to approval workflows by process in nintex w...

Hello, I have a flexi task in my SharePoint List workflow and want to approve this task request by force if an item of a column of the list is ...

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Prevent approvers from receiving multiple emails

I have a form where users need to choose "approve" if they have completed training. I creased the form with information about training, which will be...

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Manage WorkFlow Task column named "Result&quo...

Hello, I have a SharePoint 2013 List wich working with a workflow, in the workflow I have a flexi task with two options (approve/reject) when I appro...

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Set default value of multiple-selection list looku...

I've seen other similar posts but I have never done Javascript before so I don't know where to start. I want the end user to be able to select...

  • By dgraves
  • March 20, 2020  11:23
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Workflow history shows date but not time

Is there a way to show the time? shouldn't be there by default?

  • By mikkele
  • March 20, 2020  06:56
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Convert Alpha Dropdown Values to Numeric

Using Nintex Responsive Forms in Sharepoint Online. I have 10 Questions, all with the same dropdown values (N/A, Meets, Doesn't Meet). A...

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Nintex WF / Form 2013 in Chrome vs IE, experiencin...

I am experiencing issues with data loss using Chrome versus IE. In IE this works just fine. My workflow uses some custom Java to help captur...

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Startvariables not passed correctly using the star...

Hi folks, I'm starting a workflow from another workflow usind the Webservice Call with the StartWorkflowOnListItem Method. The Outputs of the ...

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Responsive Nintex Form >> Individual Control...

Hi Team, I have a Responsive Nintex form and want to Style an individual control. Like Attachment control. I want to make Font Bold and Little Big ...

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401: Unauthorized Error while publishing the WF

Hello, Some of the users in our SP 2016 farm, with right set of permissions, have issues publishing a WF if it has 'Assign Flexi Task' action. ...

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Count duplicate values in a collection variable an...

Thanks in advance. I have a Sharepoint list which the 'audience' field allows multiple selections for who a class is being held for (i.e. Team A, T...

  • By nickd23
  • March 19, 2020  11:59
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CAML Query on list view with Control Value as para...

Hi, I am trying to filter my list view with multiple conditions. At the moment, using Item Property field name yields no results. Hardcoding th...

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