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Checking Hyperlink for spaces and delete them, jav...

Hello, i have a column in a sharepoint list where users can enter a hyperlink using Nintex Forms. Unfortunately, it has happened now and then that ...

  • By comeet
  • February 17, 2020  04:56
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Query List with Date Range - For Each in a HTML Em...

Hello, I'm trying to Query a list based on a Date Range, Store them in Collection and then pass through a For Each and then into a HTML Email. I'v...

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Forms rule to invalidate field if contains value f...

I have two fields on a Nintex form: Document Owner and Document Approver(s). Both are person or group fields. I need to create a rule that if the ...

  • By ktilly
  • February 14, 2020  08:36
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Auto-size textbox in Nintex Forms 2013

Hi everyone. I have a question regarding the multiline-textbox in Nintex Forms 2013. Is it possible to shorten the multiline-textbox automatica...

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Dynamic button label without Javascript

Hello, I'm creating a multilingual form and was wondering if it is possible to create dynamic button labels. For example, instead of creating a val...

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Field Automation based on multiple populated field...

I was actually trying to build this in Infopath, but ran into multiple issues using it. So I will try Nintext to see how much easier it is. I am doin...

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Check weekly if Department/Sub-Department/Locatio...

I am building a site that will track a list of team leaders for each dept. We dont have enterprise version so no query user profile We have query...

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Workflow History Missing from SharePoint Item Menu...

Hi so basically in my SharePoint 2013 instance when I hit the ellipses on a list item where normally a "View Workflow History is an option it's not o...

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Drop Down Choice List - Fill in field hiding panel...

Hi everyone. Please can i get some help with the following (preempt i am reasonably new to Nintex ) I have a form created where a customer can...

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Populate Specific values that meets criteria to a ...

Hi everyone, FYI sharepoint 2013 nintex 2013 new to nintex low Java language back ground ( im more into excel but I am willing to learn ...

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About attachments confidentiality

I need to hide the attachemnts panel in my nintex form. I used this formula by creating the calculated column. (current user (Email)!=userName) . ...

  • By Sara_
  • February 13, 2020  11:52
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Run Site workflow in batches

HI There, i have 15K items in the list and have a Site workflow to run against themt o change some metadata. I would like this to run in btaches, ...

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