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Approval url not redirect to approval page

Last time when i click on the link response to the task, i'll be redirected to a page with Approve/Reject button and my comment on it. Su...

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Create Site workflow - Configuration trouble!

Hello! I'm trying to create a workflow which uses a list item's information to create a subsite from an existing (and working) template. Howe...

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Form previews accurate but once saved/published - ...

I edited my form and the preview looks good. I published, now the form is missing entire sections at the top. And some sections are not showing i...

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Process Accelerator Gallery

Hey everyone, just wanted to reach out and let everyone know that we have launched our V1 Process Accelerator Gallery here

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How to search a user by Name and Last Name in Peop...

Hello Everyone, I'm new using Nintex and I have a question about "People" control. I noticed that in Nintex Responsive form, this control only ...

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How to use If Then statements in form validation r...

I have a clothing order form that I want to use form validation rules on. Some shirt styles are only available in certain colors. "ShirtStyle" is my ...

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Copying a workflow - do the variables need to be d...

The list is being used to store Certification data for each employee. I created an Email Notification workflow that pauses until (Calc date) prior to...

  • By mksJR
  • January 15, 2020  09:00
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Forms Designer: evaluating functions with multiple...

I am trying to use the fn-Or function, but I need to evaluate more than 2 conditions. Is that possible? Do I need to figure out how to nest them some...

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Nintex Workflow Get Term Shared Properties

Is there a way to get the shared properites of a term in the term store and write that to a list? If a user selects termA then all the shared prop...

  • By a-aron
  • January 15, 2020  05:33
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Reply to notification is taking my name in To fiel...

Hi All, I have send notification, assign task, review task actions in workflow, after receiving the notification in my mailbox if i click on reply...

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Line Breaks are gone after adding text to Multi Li...

Hi everybody, I have a Multi Line Column with: A B C To this Multiline Column I'd like to add a new row ("D"). I do this with...

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Query on Implementing Lazy approval

Hi, We’re trying to set up the Lazy Approval for our client and we have found the guide for setting up from here: LazyApproval Guide: N...

  • By KevinIT
  • January 14, 2020  23:15
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