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Filter List Look up by textbox on Nintex Form

Hello, I am trying to create a List LookUp filter with a textbox. My problem is the filter is working only when I type down the full name of a ...

  • By samifiu
  • March 11, 2020  03:01
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Conditional Workflow: Previous Value vs Current Va...

Question for the mighty minds out there. A form is submitted with a Status choice field marked "Not approved" Workflow 1 clears that field ...

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Variable assignment in parallel flexi-task not wor...

Dear users, I am developing an approval process where two board members have the possibility to accept, reject or request an expert opinion (r...

  • By xaero26
  • March 10, 2020  05:10
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Need to place repeating section data into a genera...

I have a form that collects an employee name and a repeating section to capture vacation start and end dates. I have created a workflow to get the re...

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Nintex Forms People Picker not working in extranet...

Hello, we have a nintex form in an extranet that gives the following error in the "people picker" field: Please address the following: There ...

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Compare choice field and send email Sharepoint Nin...

I'm trying to create a nintex workflow that will look at one field in List1 and compare it to a multiple choice field in List2. List1 has ID, Title,...

  • By ab8
  • March 09, 2020  11:06
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limit date picker range for June 15th to August 15...

I am working on a responsive form for summer interns to fill out and I would only like them to be able to pick dates between June 15th and August 15t...

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Find out which workflows have Enterprise Actions

If you need to audit which of your workflows have run and contained enterprise workflow actions, then you can run this script against your Nintex Con...

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workflow stop pause 1 minute object

the workflow stays STOP in object Pauser for 1 minute. I just restart servers, In the administration SharePoint I restart the services: - Microso...

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Column to show what the month before is

I have a column which captures the month the item was created. How do I create a column which shows the month before this month? Example: C...

  • By michuk
  • March 09, 2020  04:49
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How to hide a button in view mode ?

Hi, I'm working on a form and I was wondering if it is possible to hide or disable a button in edit mode. For example, in the buttons' parameters, ...

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Querying Collection of Users to Create new list it...

Hey everyone, I am having an issue where when I am querying a list of users. In my For Each action: Each user that is in the collection...

  • By kwaxe
  • March 06, 2020  14:49
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