assign flexi task to user who originally delegated the flexi task after the delegator answers

Hey Guys,


First time posting to this amazing community. I need a little bit of a hand. I have the initiator add a couple people(Participant1, Participant2, Participant3) to a form which then uses a couple Flexi task's (flexitask1, flexitask2, flexitask3) in that order for them to review and comment.


flexitask1 gets sent to Participant1 - after participant1 answers - flexitask2 gets sent to Participant2 - after participant2 answers - flexitask3 gets sent to Participant3


Participant1 thinks someone(Participant1.5) needs to see the form and make a comment before Participant2.


The solution to this is Delegate the flexi task. - that is no problem.


My issue is - I need Participant1 to receive a flexi task after the delegation to Participant1.5.


So if participant1 delegated the flexi task then the process would be FlexiTask1 - FlexiTask1.5 - FlexiTask2 - FlexiTask3


Is there any easy way to achieve this? How would I see weather or not the task was delegated to someone else in order to start the FlexiTask1.5, would I do an if statement with the last task respondent that runs after FlexiTask1 if the last task respondent is different from the Particapant1 value?


I'm open to all suggestions.


Can post screenshots if needed



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Re: assign flexi task to user who originally delegated the flexi task after the delegator answers

Little confused by your exact requirements, but have a consider of the below.


Firstly I'd recommend using a state machine if you're not already - this will help a lot, use something similar to the following branches:

  • Approval 1
  • Approval 1.5
  • Approval 2
  • Approval 3
  • Approval 4


When customising the task form in Approval 1 include a people picker which is connected to a workflow variable for them to enter the name of the person they also want to approve (person 1.5). After the flexi task, add a 'set a condition' if 'vPerson 1.5' workflow variable is blank.


If it is, change state to Approval 2, if it's not (i.e they've typed in a name), change state to Approval 1.5 and configure that flexi task to be assigned to the 'vPerson 1.5' workflow variable.

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