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&(ampersand) in path causes problem


 I have a "&" sign in a path and want to use it in a workflow.

but when I use the path, for example, (\\server\x&y\xx)  it turns this error:

Failed to copy item to a file share. Error Code: (67) The network name cannot be found.

when I put a path without "&" in the workflow it runs without any problems.

but in this case, I can't rename the folder name which has "&" in its name.

so could you please provide a solution to my problem.

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Re: &(ampersand) in path causes problem

Haven't tried it myself but try to replace the '&' sign with '&' which should be translated as '&'. 

The “&” character needs to be escaped if it is part of an http request as it is a part of the special character set used in URL syntax. Typically these characters will be escaped. 

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