administration report links give a blank page

After running any of the Administration Reports, (say for example Workflows In Progress (all sites) ), I get a list showing the results with the first column being the workflows name. The workflow name is a hyperlink, but when clicking it, it brings me to a blank page. This is the same across all the administration report results.

Appreciate any assistance in fixing these links to bring me to the workflow / site collection / etc.

Its a bear to hunt down these workflows in our environment due to its size.

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Nintex Workflow Cloud Expert
Nintex Workflow Cloud Expert

Re: administration report links give a blank page

Hello -

I know that this has gone unanswered, but I did want to address this as I have taken some time exploring the Nintex reporting features recently. The link in the report should push you over to the workflow (see below).

If you are being pushed to a blank page, I would venture to say that the item/workflow may have been deleted or removed and it no longer has a reference to it. Something like this :

Hope this helps!


Re: administration report links give a blank page

What's the message of the blank page? What's the URL it redirects?

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