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adding another option to an existing flexi task

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I have an existing workflow that processes purchase order requests. I use several flexi tasks through out the workflow and all currently have only two options Approve or Reject

I now need to add another option to the Outcomes area for all of the Flexi tasks that I have in my workflow called More Info. I have no problem adding this extra Outcome, but here is what I need to have happen:

1. If the approver is not satisfied with the description the person put on the PO requisition they should be able to click on More Info and fill in the comments box telling the initiator that they need to supply more information about the purchase order requisition.

2. An email is sent to the requestor with the approver's comments for more information.

3. The initiator sends an email back to the approver with more information about the purchase order they have filled out.

4. The approver reviews the information and either approves or rejects the PO.

So I need to know how to loop the workflow back to the approver after they have received more information from the initiator and they want to either approve or reject it. Once the approver has either approved or rejected the PO request then an email needs to be sent to the initiator.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

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Re: adding another option to an existing flexi task

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Hi Sean,

I hope you are using State Machines in your workflow. Once you add the third option of More Info, the flexi task will add a branch. You can add change state action here to go back to initiator branch and create the task for Initator. Once they complete their task, change the state back to approver.

I guess you want to keep the previous task live with the approver but that is not possible if an outcome is selected. You will be creating a new task once the details are entered by the Initiator.

To correctly loop back to approver, you can update a field in the list mentioning at what stage the PO was sent back. Within Initiator branch, check this stage and change the state accordingly.

Let us know if you need more info.

The Art of State Machines

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Nintex Employee

Re: adding another option to an existing flexi task

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Hello Sean Docherty​ -

There are a few ways to accomplish this. Depending on what you have setup, some may be easier than others, but given what you have setup above, I would wrap this in a state machine. Something like this:

If "More Info" is needed, move to that state and do something. I would have the user update the current item and wait for that. Perhaps provide a control to capture the "notes" and when that is updated trigger a change back to "Pending" and kick of another task.

Alternatively, and this would require rework for you I feel, have the "Approver" determine if more info is required BEFORE the task and if it is, request the additional information and then come back to the task action. This reduces the number of tasks that would potentially be created, but requires some extra logic to be built.

Hope this helps!

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