Workflow to sum total in another list and update on current list based on two columns

I have two list and a workflow. List A has a "overall risks no" column ranging from 1-6 with 6 being the highest. column "Preavg" is the amount of hours per year each task is preformed. These are entered manually by the assignee. List B is used to find out how many heads are needed within each department. For an example:The site workflow needs to look into List A and total the "pre avg" column when the "overallriskno" column is equal to 6. Then it needs to update List B "headscalutionsHrs" column where the "overallriskNo" column is 6 with the total. This site workflow will run weekly for updates as new tasks come in.

Any help would be great. I am attached pic of what I have try so far.  



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