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Is there a way to determine from the current workflow, if another workflow on the same item is completed? A post from 2015 "Check if workflow is running?" suggested that there were a number of status codes for a workflow as follows;

NotStarted = 0

FailedOnStart = 1

InProgress = 2

ErrorOccurred = 3

StoppedByUser = 4

Completed = 5

FailedOnStartRetrying = 6

ErrorOccurredRetrying = 7

ViewQueryOverflow = 8


However, I have several workflows for a list that get executed sequentially except in one case where 2 workflows are executed in parallel. In the workflows, I do a Query List to see if the status of the other workflow has completed. The problem I have is that I had thought the completed status for a workflow was always 5, however on the 2 workflows I have, the status seems to be "27" for Completed, no idea why? The workflows do use "Set Workflow Status" to set the status to a custom value, but wouldn't have thought that this would affect the value for "Completed". Does anyone know why the value would not be 5 for "Completed"?


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Re: Workflow statuses

Are you using a "Set Workflow Status" action to set the Completed status as well, or only for the custom value?
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Re: Workflow statuses

these are OOTB sharepoint workflow status codes.

whatever status you set with set workflow status action is considered a custom status and gets assigned different ID

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