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Workflow migration between Enterprise and Standard editions


We have a farm that has Nintex workflows enterprise version and we are planning to set up Nintex standard in another farm. My question is can I migrate workflows that were designed in the enterprise edition to Standard edition. I will make sure only the actions supported by the standard edition are being moved (as there are some differences in some features between enterprise and standard).

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Re: Workflow migration between Enterprise and Standard editions


Why migrate from enterprise to standard... that doesn't seem like a great approach and more work if you think about reducing functionality. Are you doing that because of pricing?

From a feature perspective, yes there are some features not available in standard, but overall you should be okay. I would try executing a test migration with some of the workflows to just test it first. It should automatically disable the features if the platform is not licensed for those. 

Of course if I could recommend, don't go backwards :-). Let us know how it goes.

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