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Workflow error on single outcome Flexi-Task


I've configured a Flexi-Task for a single outcome, but when the workflow gets to that stage I'm getting an error:

'Error in task. The user to assign the task to has resolved as blank text.'

What I'm trying to do is that as soon as a user completes View2 on an InfoPath form and submits that an approver gets notified to approve or reject.

There is an earlier Flexi-Task stage where a user submits View1 which when approved sends out the View2 to complete.

Suggestions welcome. Flexi Task

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Re: Workflow error on single outcome Flexi-Task

Hi Darren,

is the workflow running as expected when you have two or more outcomes in your task?

If there is really just one option you can try using the action request review instead of a flexi task. Request review has just one outcome ("done") by design.

The error states that the value of the field assignees couldn't get resolved to a user. Is the screenshot you provided the one from the action that also causes the error? Usually I see this error when I work with variables in the field assignees and the value of the variable is empty or not a user.

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