Workflow does not execute all parallel actions

Dear community, 


I am quite new to work with Nintex and so is my company. I could not get any support from my company so I try my luck here. 


We have multiple folders where different groups have a certain access to. To be sure that every folder contains the same information we are working with workflows to copy, update and delete the documents. We have to run the action as workflow owner, because not everyone has sufficient rights to delete it from every folder. 


The copy and update process works fine so far, but I am facing some issues with the delete process.


The process looks as followed:

Workflow picture 1.JPG


On the first look it looks fine, and sends a confirmation mail as intended. Here a look of the delete operation:

Workflow Picture 2.JPG

It is the same for all branches. The only branch it works is for the first one. All other operations are not working. To verify it a added an notification after each delete operation. I get a notification from every branch which tells me that it has run through. I also tried to make inline operations rather than parallel but did not help.


Can someone help me with this issue? 


Thank you very much in advance. 


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Nintex Employee

Re: Workflow does not execute all parallel actions


This is a strange one. I would first put a Log in History action at the start of the second branch that logs the Name reference to make sure that this information is getting to the delete action.

To see if it is the reference that is causing the issue you could also try hardcoding the name and then testing.
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Re: Workflow does not execute all parallel actions

I don't think the problem is that some parallel actions/branches are not executed.

you, after all, confirmed it as well

 I get a notification from every branch which tells me that it has run through


the issue you very likely experience is that you identify the document by it's name.

if you have multiple documents with the same name in different folders, this is not unique.

in such cases nintex/sharepoint performs the action on the document with lowest ID.

since you run actions in parallel all of them likely perform the action on the same document.


if you think of it further, you might see that if you had more then 5 folders, and had documents with the same in those folders as well, then you have no control which file from which folder is fact deleted.

so be carefull with this approach


I'd suggest to identify documents to delete by their ID(s).





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