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Workflow Timer Job and Nintex WF



My question is about the Timer Job "Workflow".

I have some Nintex Workflows which are set to be executed immediatly and I'm aware that all WF (nintex's includes) are pushed into a queue.

My default Workflow Timer Job is set to be executed every 5 min.

Question : Does it mean that my queue will be empty every 5 min so that all my WF are executed ?

I tested on my 3 tier farm, and my nintex WF are executed immediatly and not when the Workflow Timer Job is executed.

Question : What is the link between Workflow Timer Job and the delay of execution of Nintex WF ?


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Re: Workflow Timer Job and Nintex WF

When you start a workflow it is run by the w3c service. If for some reason it is not able to complete, it gets persisted (dehydrated) to the database. When the timer job runs it looks to see if there are any dehydrated workflows needing to be run and runs them.

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