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Workflow Email Notification Delay Issue

Same issue as this 2015 post I think Extreme Workflow Email Delays .

I'm working on a set of workflows in a particular site. The workflows run to completion within a minute of being started, but email notifications from those workflows are taking hours/days to arrive. Other workflows in the site collection are running normally (emails arrive within minutes). Not sure if I can isolate this to a particular site yet or not. These are all list workflows working off the same list.

Looking for suggestions on how to proceed. Thanks.

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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: Workflow Email Notification Delay Issue


Please advise which platform you are using.
This post is in the on-premise section of the forum.
The linked thread is also in the on-premise forum but the user later advised that they are using O365.
The reason I ask is because the troubleshooting is very different between the platforms.
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