WorkFlow with Loops and Approvals



Hi Everyone,


I have been assigned a task and I'm still learning my way through Nintex.  From my understanding in my head I might need to have a For Each loop with a Flexi Task within  to complete this task? I need some guidance please. Very new to Nintex.


Task:  automated system access request/permission operating.


  • Agent sends notification
  • BFG confirms notification sent from authorized agency personnel
    • mutiple persons can approve
  • If rejected
    • Underwriting contacts Agency to investigate further and follows Underwriting Depts internal protocol for this item.
  • If approved
    • Request is forwarded to IT
    • IT creates User Profile in the Test Environment.
  • IT notifies Agent that Test Profile has been created, BFG Underwriting personnel that authorized creation copied in also.
    • A message should accompany the notification. The message should state …the following test profiles have been created in the test environment for the following users __________ . Once they have completed their training please let us have policy numbers for review.
  • Agent sends request for access into the Live Environment along with test policy numbers
  • BFG  reviews entries
    • only 3 persons can approve
  • If rejected
    • Underwriting contacts Agent with reasons for rejection and requests additional policy entry
  • If approved
    • Request is forwarded to IT
    • IT created User Profile in the Live Environment.
  • IT sends notification to Agent and Underwriting member that authorized access
  • Matter is closed.


Here is what I have so far, am I on the right track ?




what I've been able to put together today: I think my logic is on track...any thoughts?









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