Why isn't my Query List producing accurate results?

I'm working on what I thought would be a simple workflow as it's similar to another workflow I built using the Query List function, but it's not producing the desired results, and I'm at a loss as to why.

The basics:
1. There's a list of Engineering Projects, with the following metadata relevant to this problem (Project ID and Active/Completed)
2. Each week I'll be receiving a .csv file of projects that have completed - the data just consists of the Project IDs of any completed projects so it's one column. This file will save to a SharePoint Library.
3. I need to compare the projects in the weekly report against the projects in the Engineering Project List.  When there's a match, the workflow should set the Active/Completed column for that list item to Completed.

The approach:
1. I've parsed the .csv file and saved the Project IDs to a collection.
2. Then I use a For Each Loop to check each collection item against the Engineering Project List for a match.

3. When I enter in a value I know exists in both the csv file and the Project List, the Run Now feature returns accurate results (the item's List Item ID).
4. When I run the workflow, and use the text variable that pulls each collection item for the comparison, the workflow tells me there's no match.  However, for testing purposes, I created the .csv file using a subset of the projects on the Engineering Project List.  So, the workflow should be returning IDs for each collection item and flipping the Active/Completed setting.

The Project ID column in the list is a single line of text column.  The collection items come through as a single line of text variable. Yet the comparison always fails.    

I've logged the variable value and sent the data back to me in an email to see what's listed - and I can see no extraneous characters that would prohibit the values from matching.  I can only guess there's some mystery character coming through with each collection item, but I can't see any.

Getting the .csv file data:

Splitting the mxt variable into a collection via RegEx:

Log History Results of collection before and after removing the header row:

For Each Loop config screen:

Query List Config Screen

Notes on this action:  I've tried running the query with and without item limits and saving the ID as both a number variable and a List Item ID variable.  What follows is the Run Now results when I enter an actual value from the .csv list and the email when I run the workflow.

Engineering List Item ID=390

Thoughts on what is causing the workflow to fail when comparing the file values to the list items? Workflow attached.

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Re: Why isn't my Query List producing accurate results?

The collection data is not proper. it should be like PRJ01;PRJ02;PRJ03. Your collection data is having some enter symbols.

So use one more regular expression to form the data correctly into a collection.

And use For each and update actions to update project status.




Re: Why isn't my Query List producing accurate results?


THANK YOU!  I knew it was something simple I was missing but had wrestled with it so much I was looking right past the obvious.

Many thanks.  

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