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Whitespace in "Tabbed Layout"

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I created a very basic tabbed layout with three panels and one choice-control that represents the tab buttons.

For Panel A I applied the following Rule: TabButtons!="PanelA"

Panel B Rule: TabButtons!="PanelB"

But the form creates a lot of blank space at the bottom of the form (Testet in IE11, Firefox, Safari).

I added to each control the standard Nintex CSS classes and also made sure that I have some space between the panels. Is there something else that I'm missing?



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Re: Whitespace in "Tabbed Layout"

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I've had this issue before myself. Try butting the panels right up against each other. Either it's working as designed or something is going on when the form is rendered. See snip for design sample. My panel break is at the red arrow.

Design Sample

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