What are my custom design options in NINTEX Forms?

I'm currently in trial mode for Nintex Forms.  My company is trying out Nintex for Office 365 but so far, I have no desire to purchase a license.  I, however, have a customer who is on Nintex for SharePoint On Prem.  Despite my recommendation to do otherwise, they insist on having their form designed with this tool.  With that said, so far using this platform is extremely frustrating, so perhaps the Nintex Community can solve some mysteries and clarify things for me (crossing fingers).  Maybe it's a better tool than I think.  While the form definitely has more flexibility to design the look and feel with HTML, it doesn't seem to have the same ease of design in terms of placement and manipulation of fields like in InfoPath.

There are no preset form layouts to start from for the Desktop.  If I select "Add More Layouts" there only preset ones for mobile devices.  If I wanted to have a multi-column form, how would I go about adding a column? Do I have to do all of that through HTML and CSS? 

  1. The Responsive Form option - There seem to be no option to add/remove rows, change the width and height of form. Please Help.
  2. Once you've created your list in SharePoint and begin to create your form in Nintex, how do you add and/or remove rows on the form so you can put in new controls? I can't seem to just insert a row like I can in InfoPath.  For example, if I have "Name, Phone, DOB, but I forgot to add Email and I want to insert the Email field on a row in between Phone and DOB, I have to delete everything and re-add in the order I want.  Is this the only way? 
  3.  Why can't you drag and drop controls to new locations on the form?
  4. I have discovered how to add a repeating section.  Now, how do you configure this repeating section?  For example, in InfoPath, I can make this field two columns and several rows that connect to a data connection with two data types, , i.e. "Asset" in column 1 and "Asset ID" in column 2.  How do I accomplish this in Nintex ? 

Thanks for your help! 

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Re: What are my custom design options in NINTEX Forms?

Wow these are a lot of questions.

In general you have two form choices:

Responsive Forms

You will only have basic formatting options in responsive forms mode as the platform needs to ensure that your form layout keeps being responsive. Given that you can change colors and text formatting but have only limited control with form control.

Classic forms

Classic forms allow you to do whatever you want in forms. You can import css- and js-files or add your code and markup directly to the form. You will have to create one form layout for each device you want to support. So basically its more control but also more work than responsive forms.

To give a first answer to your questions:

1. & 2 In responsive mode dragging a control between two rows will insert a new row to the form. Removing the last control from a row will automatically remove the freed space. Same is with columns. Dragging a control next to another will half the size of the first control and put the dragged control next to it.

General form size can be set up in form settings.

In classic mode you will have to manage all this on your own. To add a new row move all following controls downwards and in the so freed space place your new controls or vice versa. It's a lot work if you go for this approach.

3. You can do so in classic mode as well as in responsive mode.

4. All controls in a repeating section will be duplicated in each row of the repeating section. The way is to place the controls you want to have in one row of your repeating section inside one repeating section. If you then fill out the form you can hit add row and all controls will be added to the new row.

I really suggest to have a closer look to the products. Multi-Page-Forms are the only plus I give InfoPath as it's implemented nicely. Besides of this I get everything done more quickly and more flexible than in InfoPath which I used for a long time.

To have a deeper look I suggest https://learning.nintex.com which is full of videos for all scenarios described above or visiting a Nintex User Group close to you to see the products live in action.

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Re: What are my custom design options in NINTEX Forms?


Thank you for taking my Nintex Form quiz. You passed!   Just kidding. Lol.  Yes, I had a lot of questions and thank you for taking the time to respond and so quickly. 

Got it. Use Classic Forms for more versatility in design. Just as I suspected, I have to move or delete the controls and then place them back in the order and location I want.  I won't mention here how so much easier I do this in InfoPath. To be fair to Nintex, I do have a learning curve to get over.  Since posting this question, I basically deleted all of the controls and panels and designed a blank canvas from scratch. So far so good. 

Repeating section.  So, in the scenario I mentioned, I can create a drop down, connect it to a SharePoint list data connection and add it to a repeating section. Got it. 

Yes, I am enrolled at Nintex Learning.  I took WP02 and CTP01 courses.  They provide good overviews but not in depth training. 

We'll  have to agree to disagree on which is better between this and InfoPath. If and when my mind changes, I will come back to this post and let you know.   Thank you! 

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