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I'm very new to all this, so apologies if this is a bit simple of me.....


I need to create a site workflow (I think), which runs once a week (on a Friday), and emails a list of people the events for the following day (it's a weekend duty rota).


All I want to get is the Title, Start Date and End Date. 


The data looks like this (it's in a Sharepoint calendar):


2019-03-21 15_45_02-Duty Rota - All Events - Hanson Aggregates Marine Ltd - Home.png

I'd like the email to be something like:


"The duty rota for the weekend 23/03/2019 to 24/03/2019 is as follows:


Security - blah blah

Fleet - blah blah

DPA - blah blah

Production - blah blah"


I've seen some workflows where summary emails are done but I can't work out how to get it to work for this (what I think should be fairly simple) scenario.....could someone please give me some pointers (or better still examples)!






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Re: Weekly summary email workflow

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Yes, you will need a site workflow that kicks of every Friday. 


1. You need to identify the tasks for the weekend.  So to do this, you will need a Query list action  that will filter on Start date bigger than Current Date and End date smaller than Monday.  This will then be saved to a collection.  I personnaly prefer to save the ID field in the collection so that I know exactly which field to work with.

2. To work with the Collection you need a For Each action.  The For each action with take the tasks one by one.  First action in your for each would be a query list again but this time you are using each ID one at a time and getting the Title field and maybe the body field or even an assigned to field. There is a lot of different ways that the tasks can be displayed with varying degrees of difficulty. Smiley Happy

3. Send notification - outside of the For Each, you can perform a Send notification action that will send all the details to the list of people.  


This is very highlevel. Let me know where you get stuck.


Kind regards,

Francois Crous

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Re: Weekly summary email workflow

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I solved it like this:


Calculate tomorrows date

From that - get the next days items (query list where start date = tomorrow and return to a collection variable)

2019-05-09 11_07_57-Workflow_ Weekend Duty - Hanson Aggregates Marine Ltd - Home.png


Loop through each item, and retrieve the values you want to put in the email.

Add these to a string for the email.


2019-05-09 11_08_05-Workflow_ Weekend Duty - Hanson Aggregates Marine Ltd - Home.png


Remove time from date/time to just display the date.

Place names on new lines (formatting issue)

If values are present (ie there are some records found) then send an email.


2019-05-09 11_08_12-Workflow_ Weekend Duty - Hanson Aggregates Marine Ltd - Home.png


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