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Web Request - Dynamically trigger control on POST?

I was excited to see that Nintex Forms v2.8.0 appeared to now allow making web requests via the web request control dynamically as a user changes the value of a field on the form.


But unless I'm doing something wrong, this seems to only apply for GET requests.  All the examples I've found are GET request examples (see here) but none describe this as being do-able with a POST request.  In my own testing, it does NOT appear to be possible. Can anyone else confirm?


I am essentially doing the following;

  • User fills out a form
  • Upon button click, (or changing of a yes/no field) the Web Request is made using form data
  • The response (a confirmation number) is displayed to the user as confirmation the request was successful


The goal being, the user can hit the button or change a certain field value at whatever point they feel ready to make the request.


This does not seem possible with the web request control.  the only thing it allows for me to do with a POST request is to set a condition to trigger the POST web request upon form load.  This is not the behavior I need.


anyone able to confirm or suggest a work around?

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