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Version Upgrade Nintex Workflow / Forms for SharePoint 2016

We plan to upgrade Nintex Workflow / Forms for SharePoint 2016 from version to current


We are running our SharePoint with one WFE and one APP server.


So for this update, how do we have to proceed? On which server do we have to run installation? Anything special to consider (like stopping certain services, re-starting features, updating DB connections, ...)? Or do we have to run the installer without anything else to do? Can we run upgrade during production or do we need downtime?


Thanks for your feedback.


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Re: Version Upgrade Nintex Workflow / Forms for SharePoint 2016

For our environment, we installed Nintex on our app server which then proceeded to perform the necessary steps to deploy it to our web front ends.  Essentially you will need to run the installer on whatever server you initially installed Nintex on.  Also, once the process is complete, you will need to perform an IIS reset.  If I remember correctly, it will do this step for you at the end.  I guess you could run it during production hours, but you will definitely cause some connection issues with your customers when the install is finishing.  In all, the installer is pretty simple to run.  (knocking on wood) We haven't had any issues upgrading in the past.  

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