Validation Rule does not work after upgrade

Hi, I am struggling to solve a problem which has come up with my company upgrading to Nintex Forms 2010 ( - it had worked before.


Here is the problem: I have custom JavaScript on my form which extracts URL Parameters and based on that sets the startup value in a dropdown (which is connected to a Sharepoint list). Setting the value works fine. I also have a rule based on the value in this dropdown which hides / unhides panes based of the selected value - this also works, as long as the selection is done manually. However setting the startup value via JavaScript does not trigger this rule any more and the pane stays hidden until the value in the dropdown is manually touched (changed and changed back).


My Javascript:

function set_Default(){

 var dropDownElement = NWF$('#' + DROPDOWN_ELEMENT); // the dropdown element

 var listItem = 1; // determined by the URL parameter
 dropDownElement .val(listItem).change(); // works fine





Any suggestions how to amend the code so that the rule validation works again is highligh appreciated. Many thanks in advance!

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