Using Loop action to generate separate email when field is updated

I have a workflow (Nintex Standard On-Premise) that sends email notifications when statuses change. I also have a Notes to Requestor field that, when a note is added, I’d like to send an email notification.  However, I do not want two emails sent out when both the status and notes to requestor are changed/added – just the status change email.  I am trying to do this with a Loop action.  I’d also like to get out of the loop if status equals completed or cancelled.


I have a rule on the notes field to set the switch to Yes and a rule on Form load to set Switch = No.  I’m getting an email when status changes, but not when there is just a note to requestor added. What am I missing?

See attached workflow.

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Re: Using Loop action to generate separate email when field is updated

let me check and comment on whether I do correctly understand your setup

- you save current status to a variable

- then go into loop

- then you wait until switch changes to YES, ie. until notes field is changed and change saved to list

- then you check whether current status equals to one saved to variable before the loop ( or at the end of loop) AND notes were added (ie. switch changed to YES).

due to previous wait action workflow gets to this action just when notes were added, so to check it once again sounds to me pointless.

anyway, your condition says, notification is sent out just in case status hasn't changed and notes were added.

to be honest, as far as my understanding is correct, I do not see a way how could you get a notification if status changes...

I'd recommend to approach it completely different  way.

create a separate workflow conditionally started when status OR notes field change. within the workflow just sent notification.

you would get rid of loops, waits, some extra flags, probaly javascript then need to maintain them, etc.

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