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User control search not finding with some alias

Hello everyone, 


I'm new in the SharePoint and either in Nintex Forms (Using Nintex Forms 2010), I'm finding some trouble about the user control search in Nintex Forms, everytime that i want to search some user by the Name, the same field just find the user only by the exacly Name, exacly userID or exacly e-mail like the example:


I'm searching my user by my name: "Rafael Alves Parra" but if I type only "Rafael Alves Parr" the control doensn't find my user, but if I type exacly "Rafael Alves Parra" my user appears in the suggestion.



If I just find my user as "Rafael Alves Parr" in SharePoint user catalog the search is OK, but I guess that the issue is inside some Nintex Forms configuration. Can somebody help me, please?



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Nintex Employee

Re: User control search not finding with some alias


What build of Nintex Forms 2010 are you using as this sounds like an old bug that has been fixed in newer releases.
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