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Use SharePoint as Mailing List for Permission Groups

Hi there,


I am searching for a solution to the following issue:


Environment: SharePoint 2013, Nintex Workflows for Sharepoint 2013


Problem: I want to provide several teams with mailing lists that are based on SharePoint permission groups. Since the permission model is = to the receivers of the mailing list, it makes sense to send mails based on these groups.


Current solution: 

  1. I created an announcement library and allowed the library to receive e-mails.
  2. I created a one-step-workflow that is triggered whenever an item is created and that sends an e-mail with the subject [title] and the body [element content] (rich text formated)

Issues with the solution:


The solutions works fine so far, in particular if I create the annoucement directly in SharePoint. Sending an HTML-formated e-mail to the library, however, results in a broken e-mail (some HTML elements appear aside from the content). 


Possible workaround (although not satisfying to me):

A possible solution is to customize the content field and the e-mail body in the workflow to text-only & attach the original e-mail. This results in a clean text-only mail that strips all Richt-text/HTML elements. But as you can imagine, that is not what I really want to go for.


Any idea to solve this issue is highly appreciated!

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