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Use (M)HTML file from library as notification body

Hi community,

I have a workflow that sends out subscription rendered excel files. Now I have been asked if it is possible to rather than receiving the data in the attachment, make it available in the email body.

I think there is no ootb solution for this problem, but I would assume the easiest way to achieve this is to (additionally)  subscribe to these files as being rendered to (M)HTML and then read these files from the library and add them to the notification. Has anybody yet had a similar problem and are there any solutions yet which I could tailor to suit my problem? Especially, how can I get the source of an MHTML file into a workflow variable? HTML files would work as well as a first step but ideally MHTML (MHTML is basically a mime encoded HTML container that already has all sorts if 'external' data like images, etc included) should be the goal to get the most out of it. Or is there even a robust way to do this straight from the Excel files without the HTML workaround?

Many thanks in advance!

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