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Update the repeater data using workflow


I have 2 repeater in my nintex form. Repeater 1 data is captured in Repeter 2. In new mode Repeater 1 is filled, when user click on edit mode Repeater2 rows are updated using the workflow. My issue is when repeater 1 rows are added again in edit mode, repeater 2 rows are getting duplicate values.


At first

Repeater 1 -> Row1    Repeater 2 -> Row1

                       Row2                           Row2


After updating Repeater 1 with new rows(Row3)

Repeater 1 -> Row1    Repeater 2 -> Row1

                       Row2                           Row2

                       Row3                          Row1



but i want to add only row3 to repeatrer2 since row1 and row2 already exists. How can i update repeater 2 with only last updated rows. I have attached my form and workflow for better understanding. 





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