Update list dynamically when item is entered into work que

Hi all,


Here is what i am trying to do:


I have a work que which will have items added to it dynamically from outside SharePoint.  The idea is when an item is added to the work que it will reference a master catalogue to determine which of the 100+ lists on my site need to be updated.  I have no issues querying information from the master catalogue but i cannot figure out how to dynamically start an item in the list.


For example:

i add an entry to work que to start form 1

Workflow queries catalogue to determine Form1 is linked to List1

Workflow then creates a list item in List1

Initiator is emailed a link to the newly created List1



Thoughts ?

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Re: Update list dynamically when item is entered into work que

Could you include print screens of what you're trying to accomplish?

If you're asking how to 'create' an item in a list, there are a couple options.


First, if you know it will be the same list every time, there is a Create Item action.

However, if I'm understanding correctly, you don't know which list the item needs to be created in each time, but it will be dynamically determined. For this, you will need to use the Web Service action or Web Request action.


There are plenty of tutorials online for using these actions for this purpose.

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