Update XML errors when updating from a different list

Hello all,

I have a Library with Infopath forms. In this form there is a Repeating Table that contains a Question, a person the question is assigned to and a column for the Statement of the person. The way my workflow works is it gets all of the questions and people, saves them to another list (one row for each question-person combination) and in this second list, another workflow starts, that sends out Flexi Tasks and updates the Statement field with the Approver Comments using the "Update XML" action once the Task is completed.

The "Update XML" action always throws the error "There are multiple root elements. Line 14, position 2.", no matter if I'm using variables or a static text.

I am pretty certain that I configured the action correctly as it worked when I tried to do it in the Library that stores the Infopath XML files.

Has anyone experienced this error before? Thanks in advance!

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