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Unable to open Nintex Form in edit mode because of deleted lookup item

My main list is having a lookup field with multiselect connected to a lookup list only by "Text is connected to" setting in the field.


In this kind of scenario, Nintex form saves a local copy of the selected [ID]:[Item Value] into the form (that it uses instead for the ID connected to) and never checks the value in the column which the "Text is connected to" field is connected to when displaying in Edit Form.

I can see in Inspect Element (F12) that the form saved this ID+Item value in the form and is not looking at the column really when in Display mode.


The problem is in one item in my main list, the lookup value was deleted from the lookup list long ago which I cannot recover. And when I open those items with deleted lookup value, it is fine in Display Mode but is having an error in Edit Mode.


I want to know if I can make the Nintex form of those items forget the lookup value since I can no longer recover them.


Solutions tried which did not work:

- Deleting the value in the column which "Text is connected to" is connected to (Still error in edit)

- Setting a "ID connected to" column (This made the existing items not show the selected value)

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Re: Unable to open Nintex Form in edit mode because of deleted lookup item

Hi @Onii-chan,

are you by any chance running a old version of nintex forms? I recall having this issue in the past too but updating forms helped. 

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