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URL To Mobile Tasks

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HI I would like to know if there is a url to launch the Nintex Mobile app and have it take you to the tasks tab in the app. We use Shareplus for our SharePoint and I would like to have a menu item called "Tasks" that would take you to it... I know we can do forms to a certain one but not sure if we can generically link to the tasks tab (page) of the nintexmobile app.

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Re: URL To Mobile Tasks

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to a certain extent ....

what you can do is, you can build a link that opens nintex mobile app.

however you can not direct it to go to a specific tab within app.

if app starts anew, it by default goes to Tasks page, so that might suits you.

but if app is sitting in the background it just pops up to foreground with the recent state, so it need not necessarily be in Tasks page.

these kind of links are designed to directly access mobile forms and not to navigate within the app.

these kind of links are refered to as 'deep links'. you might start investigating them eg. on following links

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