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Tree view checkbox in a nintex form

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Hello Everyone,

I am looking for a way to implement tree view checkbox list in nintex form.

Should be like below

I am unable to find an option in Nintex form to display checkboxes like the above. Parent1 will be connect to 1 column in list. Parent2 along with child will be connected to another column in list. 

Any thoughts to implement this way?

Thanks & Regards,


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Re: Tree view checkbox in a nintex form

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Hi there - 

So you want to click Parent 2, and have choices for Parent 2 hide / show based on whether it's selected or not?

Can you give us an example of what Parent 2 might be? For example, it could be "Document Types" and when it expands there are things like "Report" "Invoice" "Memo" "Scope of Work" ?

If that's the case, the way I would do it is to make a panel for each set of child values, and set a rule on that panel to control whether it is hidden or shown by the Parent. That would look something like Parent2 != true (with "Hide" selected in the formatting rule.)  That means if Parent2 is NOT checked, then it will NOT hide all of those items. If it is unchecked, they become hidden.

Is that what you have in mind?



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