The Condition box doesn't show the f(x) button next to it.

I have Nintex forms on SharePoint 2013.

There is supposed to be a f(x) button next to the Condition panel of the Rules pane that brings up the Formula Builder dialogue. My screen doesn't show the button. I've tried it in 3 browsers, Chrome, FF, and IE.

That's okay because I can click to the side and the Formula Builder window appears.

But sometimes the Condition box expands so long that there is no space for the f(x) button to appear.

Please see the images below:

Condition Large.PNGConditionBox.PNG

I can work around the f(x) button being invisible. But I don't know what to do when the Condition box become so long that I can't even get to the space where the f(x) button would be.

Please advise.

Thanks in advance.



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Nintex How-To Center Expert
Nintex How-To Center Expert

Re: The Condition box doesn't show the f(x) button next to it.


As I am unable to replicate this issue and I have not really seen it before I would say that the issue is contained within your environment.
It is possible that Group policy or similar is affecting the browser.
Do you see any errors in the browser console?
Is the environment listed in the trusted sites in the internet settings?
Does changing the compatability mode resolve the issue?

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