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Text Validation for Drop Down List with Fill-In Choices

Hi Everyone I need some help. 


I created a list where employees can submit requests for generation of a specific letter addressed to an organisation for any purpose. In my form, I have a dropdown list that encompass the most frequently used Addressee (organisations and companies these letters would be addressed to). As I cannot encomass all the known organisations and companies names in a dropdown list, i also enables fill-in choices. 


However, I cannot generate generic letters "to whom it may concern". However because the field in my nintex form has a fill-in choice, employees are able to key in to whom it may concern. 


I tried using runtime formulas like inarray and contain to invalidate the field but it does not seem to work. 


Can anyone please advise me on how to validate a dropdown list with fill-in choice enabled. (It would also have to be not sensitive to capitalization and also be able to validate if it partially contains or is similar to 'to whom it may concern')

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