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Task should be only processed by one person

Hi everybody.

I ‘am trying to have a flexi Task assigned to a group of people, but when one of the Group members  grabs the Task, all other members should get a hint, when starting the same Task, that the colleague ‘someone’ is already working on the Task.

My Steps were

1- Active Directory Group ‘group’ (read from the active directory)

2- Assign the flexi - Task to the Group,

3- Uncheck ‘assign a task to each individual’

My unexpected behaviors are:

  1. no Notification Mails are send (when an active directory Group is assigned)
  2. each member of the Group can edit the Task (unless the Task is completed)
  3. if I create a Collection with People Names (still with Unchecked ‘assign a task to each individual’) separate Tasks for each Person in the Collection will be created.

Am I missing an Option? Or do I need a Work around.


- (https://community.nintex.com/message/6604) does not seem to Work.

- I ‘am working with Microsoft SharePoint Enterprise Server 2013 and Nintex Forms 2301 (

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Re: Task should be only processed by one person

You could use this option

Ribbon Option: Not Required Notification

Sent when the user no longer needs to respond to the task. This can occur when:

  • A task is assigned to multiple users but only one is required to respond.
  • The workflow is terminated prior to the task being processed.
  • An error occurs in the workflow at runtime.
See Ribbon Option: Task Notification above for field descriptions.  
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Re: Task should be only processed by one person


We have had similar issues in trying to assign a task to multiple people via an AD group. As you have seen the users get effectively a "common" task - meaning that they can complete a task form but it is not necessarily their own as it has been assigned to the broader group level via AD. We utilise sharepoint groups that contain the intended task assignees and do have the "Assign a task to each individual" ticked, with the other option of "First response applies". The linking through to AD Groups just doesn't appear to be smart enough to cater to your first intended design.

As Fernando suggested, once someone actions the task, the other assignees should, by default, automatically receive a "response not required" notification and their individual tasks will be cancelled.

If you are intending to have something similar occur when someone simply opens the task, but doesn't submit it - that is a whole new level of complexity that I'm not sure is achievable without maybe some javascripting.

There is no guarantee that someone opening a task form is actually going to action it and submit it, so I would suggest that that is not a good way to go anyway.

I hope that helps.



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Re: Task should be only processed by one person

Hi Mark.

Thank you for the Hint, I think that would be the only way to accomplish that.
I come from Lotus Notes world, and i would like to reserve that Item to be processed by only one Person from the Group.
Is it way to stamp the List Item with something like ‚Person x is working on that Task’  and release it again when closing the Task?

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