Task Permission in O365

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Is it possible to let people who needs to Approve/Reject to give only editable access to their Workflow Tasks in O365 (Assign Item Permissions in Assign a Task is not available ... yet).

It seems from what I have read from different sources, that they need to have at least Contributor access.

But I cannot find a way to avoid them to be able to edit/read the other Workflow Task in the list.

I have tried also to update permissions after/while task is created but if I try after, this is not possible a the workflow is blocked until Task is completed. I have also tried parallel but it seems that I cannot get the stored Task ID in the parellel branch as it is empty and I suppose out of context.

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Re: Task Permission in O365

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As a workaround, I have used Javascript in my EditForm.aspx to hide the buttons save, submit, approved, ... if the current user is not the assignee.

I was not using Nintex Form as Related Item is not available in O365.

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